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Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Wall Tour Part 1

I want to show my wall art in random burst, because everything on the wall was acquired years apart and from different conventions.

This awesome pink print with it's matching IKEA frame is one of my favorites. I got this at NYCC 2016 from the amazing and talented Jen Bartel

This Joker was also acquired at NYCC, but in 2015. The artist is CJ Draden

How sweet is this print? I follow the awesome artist on Tumblr her name is Mochi Panko
Mochi Panko is also the creator of my awesome avi!


Sunday, July 2, 2017

An Organized Bookcase? What is that?

My bookcase is a place for simple storage of random old books that I've had for many years and new manga that I've started to collect. 

Most of my collection is of single issue comic books, which are stored away. The graphic novels and manga titles are growing slightly, so with more titles I will develop an organizational system. 


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Scents of the Summer

Summer has finally arrived in New York and with the change of weather I change my perfumes. Sweet florals that spell like the summer sun are the kinds of scents that I gravitate towards when the days get brighter and longer. 

Truly Pink by Vera Wang- Radiant, enchanting and forever in bloom. A floral fragrance capturing the fragrant caress of fresh rose petals on the skin. Inspired by the grace of a single rose; deep in its complexity—budding with possibility. A new fragrance interpretation that is the essence of enchanting femininity and the epitome of Vera Wang's style. (Description via Nordstrom)

Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs- Exhilarating, bubbly, playful. Daisy Eau do Fresh by MARC JACOBS is a reinterpretation of Daisy. It’s more fruity, more bubbly and more fun with a bounty of bright notes that transport you to a place that’s happy and funny. (Description via Nordstrom) 


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Midtown Afternoons

Working in the city is an experience that many people desire and hold in high regard. The city has a different meaning for me, it drains me and forces me keep up with its intense pace. I’ve seen buildings break ground and before you know it, it’s opening day. The city doesn’t allow anything to be stagnant for too long. This hectic pace sucked me in and took hold of me during my mid 20’s, now almost ten years later I see that I was somehow swept into the madness of the city. I lost myself in this tornado and now I am breaking free.

Change, very simple word is what I constantly hear in my head while I am working. The need to break away from my weekday city commute is constantly on my mind. Starting over in a new city and at a new company are fearfully exciting. The streets of the city aren’t easily described by nuanced words as cool or gritty, but for me tiring is how it’s best described. 


Monday, May 22, 2017

Ramblings About the Badlands

When I think of season finale episodes I automatically remember watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Millennium. I would wonder about secrets being revealed, or a dramatic fight scene or confrontation.
Many years and a bunch of season finales later I’ve learned to allow wiggle room for missteps and plot holes. The vast majority of the television and movies I consume are horror, science fiction and fantasy themed. These are usually following similar formulas, but you can find gems that break the stereotypical tropes.
Into the Badlands trailer screamed at me saying, “Hey look at this, multicultural cast and a strong female presence!” I heard the battle cries and I was pleasantly surprised. I live tweeted every episode for season one and feverishly hoped for a season two. Season two as expected had excellent fight sequences and a harder and more conflicted Sunny. Conflict is needed to keep the story developing, if Sunny and Veil got out of the Badlands with Henry and started farming the show would be purposeless.
After the murder of her parents Veil is left stripped of a family until Sunny decides to get her and their child out of the Badlands. The situation became completely chaotic and they were separated and Veil is left alone, but is now a mother to Henry.  Veil’s entire existence is shaped around her protecting Henry and trying to get to Sunny. Unlike other female characters on the show, Veil does not have the backing of anyone except herself. There is no shelter for Veil; she’s at the cliff’s edge with Quinn or at the mercy of The Widow.
The creation of a character who is completely defenseless in a plot where you have to either be a fighter or be aligned with a group in order to survive left her completely vulnerable. She’s a doctor who can only use her intelligence and skills of deception to ensure the survival of her child and herself.  The softness of Veil was the perfect balance for Sunny and the show.  She represented the other side of the Badlands.
How much torment can a character take? This statement rarely comes from me because I expect the worse and usually become surprised if a pleasant outcome happens. Veil’s demise was written in every episode this season, she was dismantled and then finally after the reunion she met her demise. Happy endings aren’t something to expect in the Badlands, but the death of a character who shaped Sunny to be the man that he is now is a hard pill to swallow.  

When season three is being written I hope they take into account the woman that Veil was and think about how her death will affect Sunny. Veil was a character that was never given the chance to develop or allowed to step out of the box she was placed in; despite that she was loved and appreciated by many, because we saw her as something good that the Badlands created.


Monday, October 10, 2016

The Makings of an Epic Nerd Cave!

I have an office and it's being converted in a nerd sanctuary! 

The things that I love:
Comic Books and Manga
Graphic Novels
Horror ( In general )

This is the progress so far. I have a bookcase too, I'm figuring out the basic configuration of things. I have so many cool things and I want them to be on display...finally I have the space to show my goods! 


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nerd Block the NYCC Edition

This is my first ever Nerd Block! I decided to get the NYCC edition...because I'm actually going to 3 days of NYCC this year!

Check out what I got below:

I love the Marvel fist and Slimer, the Voltron wallet also looks pretty cool. The box cost me 39.99 plus 9.95 in shipping (49.94 in total). This is my first time doing a monthly subscription thing and I am very satisfied with everything in the box. I might order a Horror themed box next!

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