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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Comic-Con 2015: I am Nerd and my name is Nadeen

I am a Nerd. My early nerd life began with me being completely obsessed with The X-Files, my mom can tell you about me never missing an episode and being completely convinced I was an alien investigator. My love of science fiction came from The X-Files, my love of horror happened years before when I would watch Tales from The Darkside and Monsters. I was never a kid who was afraid of monsters, I loved looking at them and watching them scare people, so this was a natural progression for me into my adulthood of fandom/nerdom/geekdom!

My freshman year in high school I discovered the comic book store in Newark and I would go in there just to browse.The X-Files and Tales from the Crypt had comics, so I started buying! Those initial purchases branched off into me building my comic book's not huge but it makes me remember my youthful days.The X-Files, Tales from the Crypt, The Crow (which I will dedicate an entire post) and Spawn were my first buys. 

Let's see I love all things horror, science fiction, comics and anime of course I belong at Comic-Con! NYCC 2015 was the second time I attended and by far it was the best day of 2015! I was only able to snag a Thursday ticket and I literally left the last screening at 8pm, which means I spent 7 hours in utopia. Below are some cool pictures that highlight my highest point of 2015. Next year I need to try to harder to snag a 3 day pass, trust me one is not enough!


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