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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Minority Report - Season 1 Review

My Monday nights were quite eventful and fun when Minority Report was on! Every Monday I went to Twitter...tweeting and RTing fellow Minority Report fans as we rally to keep our show alive. Interesting thing about Minority Report is besides it's diversity the show is just a good time. The beginning episodes I saw many people complaining about it not being the Tom Cruise film and that it's too predictable and generic. Minority Report goal was never to be a duplicate of the movie, but a continual story from the movie. 
The future looks amazing and is meshed well within the show. The show found its footing midway and ended its season strong. Fans of the movie know the basic summary about precrime and the precogs, which is the basic premise of the show.

The cast
Lara Vega is dedicated/smart detective. (She wears cool leather jackets all season long)
Dash is a precog who wants to do good for humanity. (No filter, awkward moments expected)
Arthur is precog (Dash's bro) handsome but cunning. (Excellent flashback makes you understand the character even better)

Give Minority Report a chance! Watch the episodes here =>  Minority Report
Sign the petition here => Renew Minority Report


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