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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jo Malone's Red Roses Packs an Epic Punch of Floral Wonderment

Let's begin with this disclaimer: I am a Blue Agava & Cacao lady! That particular cologne is my staple scent from the line and it's always my go to purchase. I love aggressive scents, musk, citrus and spices, so of course we are a perfect fit naturally. 

But, something happened recently when I smelled Red Roses and I was blown away instantly. It was shocking because I was completely hesitant to smell anything named Red Roses. I was going through my natural tester ritual at the Jo Malone counter and I sprayed it on the tester and I thought this is intense and unexpected! Red Roses definitely smells like roses, but these roses have depth, violet leaves are an ingredient in the cologne along with a hint of lemon to create a wonderful layered scent. 

Red Rose's is a glorious cologne that will leave you captivated by it's uniqueness and kick...start sniffing!

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