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Monday, April 16, 2018

MM Fiction (Fantasy) Books

It’s strange how you can fall into an obsession.

I was completely oblivious to the MM (male/male) fiction genre, which thinking back makes absolutely no sense because I read exclusively Shounen Ai and Yaoi titles in manga.

One random day on Tumblr (yes, I love Tumblr) someone reblogged an excerpt from Pene Henson’s Into the Blue and I was completely enthralled! Of course, my next step was to google “gay fiction” a bunch of books came up and then I decided I wanted to narrow my search to mm fantasy. The planets were aligned perfectly, because I also wanted to try Audible, so I decided my first audiobook would be a mm fantasy title. It was love at first listen and the beginning of my addiction to mm fiction.

My first title was Wolfsong by TJ Klune, it’s still my favorite title in the mm fantasy genre, and I recently acquired the paperback. I love anything fantasy driven where they are werewolves, fairies and other worldly creatures (you can tell I was a fan of True Blood).

The titles below are fantasy driven with excellent plots and characters that will pull you into each story’s world. The titles have explicit sexual scenes and they are all intertwined into the plot, I am not a fan of sex for sex sake.

 1.       Wolfsong by TJ Klune

   Wolfsong is an excellent fantasy fiction that I find it hard to explain, my summary won’t do it any justice. Werewolves are real and so are many other things, but this story is more about bonds and consequences that occur throughout someone's life. I’ve listened to Wolfsong too many times to count and every time I get emotional because even though I know what will happen I still can’t soften the blow of pure emotions. Beautifully written by TJ Klune and the epic narration of Kirt Graves, you must experience it for yourself.

2.                  Cronin’s Key by N.R. Walker
    Cronin’s Key was fun and fascinating. The world that N.R. Walker creates is filled with history and depth. You are able to peer into the vampire world that exists alongside what we believe to be normal society. The characters are very intriguing, and the plot twist are unexpected and keep you on your toes. I listened to Cronin’s Key and Joel Leslie’s narration was excellent, he does accents and emotions very well. Cronin’s Key has two additional books in the series.

3.                  Pack Mates by Lynn Tyler

   The Pack Mates series is very entertaining, and you become attached to the characters very quickly. I would read the books in sequence because you are introduced to characters that will show up throughout the series. All the titles are about shifters unexpectedly finding their mates with drama mixed in. I love the mating concept with werewolves/shifters and you are swept into their community immediately. I purchased most of the books from Google Play Books, and the remaining titles on Amazon, where you can purchase the entire series.
Buy Pack Mates

Sunday, March 25, 2018

FUNKO Pops Collection

The addiction is real.

There are many fandoms that I follow and of course being a collector I had to start collecting pops.

I purchase most of my pops from Hot Topic and ThinkGeek.


Monday, January 22, 2018

Creativity Lurking

I write, but I'm not yet a writer because I can't find my written voice.

These are some examples of my writings Deen's Writing Blog.

I want to become a better writer this year, bare with me through this process. 

Memories of Purple
           The distinct timbre of purple that the eye can only see when someone is in love, is the purple that we all long for. Winter has come and gone without catching a glimpse of the purple that the heart longs for. How can one fill the void of missing the one they love, reds, blues and yellows are no match for the one you loves purple aura?
           Emptiness becomes acceptable because the void can’t be filled, but life moves on and you begin another season looking for the color you can’t see. There is a dullness of all your senses, no longer heighten by the presence of your love, so your body and mind are in a state of dormancy waiting for their return. Your body forgets the meaning of warmth and you find yourself surrounded by a trench of memories that you cling to in order to sustain an existence.  
           Spring arrives and you begin to notice soft violets growing around the city. The pretty flowers in the park are blooming and you remember what’s coming. With the return of spring, you begin to radiate in the anticipation, because your love is coming.  With his arrival before your eyes you begin to see the beauty of the purple that engulfs him, and you remember that he’s the only person who can create such a color. 

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