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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Alex and Ada Volume 1 Review

Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn’s Alex and Ada Volume 1 delves into a world where human and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) are coexisting.

We are introduced to Alex, a seemingly average guy who is trying to figure out life after the end of a long-term relationship. The mundane existence that Alex is leading is subtly bleak, he has friends and a career, but he’s still lonely.

Usually societal norms when discussing Artificial Intelligence can be complicated. The story is set in a world where many humans were killed by an android. How can a robot have thought without input of the creator/owner? Free will is a human concept, there is no puppet master forcing our hands. Is it possible for an android to have free will?

Alex and Ada convey companionship akin to having the freedom of choice, but is it possible for something man-made to have freedom? As the story unfolds, I continued to ask myself a conceptual question; can freedom be engineered or is it a human concept that can be transcribed to something we’ve created?

You are forced to question your beliefs and it makes for an interesting internal debate. By the end of the volume you are left with hope and sense of looming disaster. I’m very excited to begin Volume 2 to see where this winding road will take me.  


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